From the privacy of your own home you can select the type of
memorial service that best reflects your lifestyle and personal interests.
Contacting us, you may select your casket and vault in advance.
You may also decide to pay for your funeral in advance, protecting 
against any future cost increases and also serving as a tax shelter.
We have many funding plans available to make your pre-planning
as easy and convenient as possible.

We will maintain a copy of your pre-arrangement requests in
confidence at our homes, and will forward a copy to you for your records.
There are several different areas of information that are important in each
service that we handle. Vital statistics, military involvement, church and
civic memberships, family members, and even your hobbies or special
interests can all be recorded below.  If you have any questions or need
any help with completing any of these areas, please feel free to contact us
at (270) 965-0110

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All fields marked with a * are required:
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